Battery Law Notices

As our shipments may contain batteries and accumulators, we are obligated by the battery law to remind you that:

Batteries and accumulators must not be disposed of in the residual waste, you are legally obliged to return used batteries and accumulators. Used batteries may contain pollutants that can harm the environment or your health in case of improper storage or disposal. Furthermore, batteries contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese or nickel and are recyclable. You may return the used batteries to us or to a return container in your immediate proximity (e. g. in trade or in municipal collecting points). The return in retail outlets is only available for end users and restricted to batteries, which the outlet has or had in its range of products, also it is limited to quantities that are usual for end users.

The crossed dustbin symbol signifies that you must not dispose of batteries and accumulators in the residual waste. In addition you can find the following symbols with the following meanings:

Pb: battery contains lead
Cd: battery contains cadmium
Hg: battery contains mercury