When is it worthwhile investing in a water filter?

Price* of the filter housing plus sink tap without filter cartridge (e.g. CITO-QC Basic und Sink tap WS7): 474 EUR

Expenses* for filter cartridges per year (e.g. 2 x GFP Premium-9): 86 EUR

Price* of the tap water: 5.50 EUR/m3

Price* of your bottled water: 0.60 EUR/L

How many people live in your home*: 3

How much water does each one drink on average*: 2.50 L/day

Savings the first year: EUR

Savings for each subsequent year: EUR

The invest paid off after: months

Costs of one litre filtered water (from the 2nd year onwards): EUR

* These are estimated values, please enter the values that reflect your personal situation.
This cost calculator has been programmed to the best of our knowledge and belief, should you nevertheless notice any errors or omissions, please contact us!

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