1 Way Taps

Animated connection diagram of a 1-way tap with under-sink water filter

Do you want to benefit from the advantages of an under-sink filter and still use your existing tap? Then the 1-way faucet is exactly the right choice! With the separate faucet, you can conveniently draw out filtered water and at the same time your existing faucet with the usual high flow rate and all functionalities is retained.

The 1-way taps are often kept very simple and filigree so as not to be annoying. From elegant to classic, there are models made of chrome-plated brass as well as high-quality stainless steel. With a simple hole drilling, the desired 1-way fitting can then be installed on the sink or worktop.

This is not the right product for you? Don't want to install an additional tap? Then you might be better off with a 3-way tap!

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