Under counter filters

Our wide range of under sink water filters can be elegantly installed in each kitchen. Regardless of whether you would like to filter only part of or the entire cold water flow, we offer the right water filter for each requirement. The under the counter filters can be classified in four categories:

  • classic water filters holding only one filter cartridge: Carbonit CITO-QC and VARIO-HP
  • filters with two cartridges, serial or parallel: Carbonit DUO-HP
  • stainless steel filter housings: Aqua Nobilis somava, Carbonit VARIO-VA
  • twice the flow thanks to 20" filter housings: Carbonit VARIO-HP 20"

Carbonit CITO-QC GFP

Carbonit CITO-QC GFP

259,00 € *
Stainless steel under the counter water filter somava...

somava basic

429,00 € *
Under the counter water filter Aqua Nobilis myVARIO...


starting from 299,00 € *