Carbonit CITO-QC GFP

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The ultimate in comfort and high-performance pollutant filtration — combined in one set: thanks to the innovative QuickConnect (QC) closure, the filter cartridge can be changed in seconds. In addition to the filter housing, the set comes with a GFP Premium-9 filter cartridge, as well as all hoses and fittings required for mounting. Designed for the separate water withdrawal.

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Carbonit CITO-QC GFP under counter water filter

  • The Carbonit CITO-QC is the further development of the confirmed VARIO-HP filter housing.
  • The outstanding filtration results have been proven by many scientific assessments.
  • Filter replacement even simpler: Thanks to the QuickConnect (QC) bayonet coupling the filter-socket can be easily dismounted as a whole.
  • The head of the filter-assembly itself remains permanently attached to the wall, no hoses have to be touched.
  • The filer-socket can be opened and the filter cartridge can be replaced conveniently in the sink using the enclosed keys.
  • The filtration system can be connected easily to the water supply in any standard kitchen and is hidden elegantly under the counter.
  • This GFP set will be delivered with a GFP Premium-9 filter cartridge.
  • Therefore even higher contaminant retention and flow rates than the popular Classic set.
  • The 90° angled connection hoses are perfectly suited for the installation where space is limited.
  • Set is conceived for the separate water withdrawal via a separate sink tap or a three-way sink tap.

Compatible filter cartridges

  • The Carbonit CITO-QC GFP will be delivered with a GFP Premium-9 filter cartridge:
    • pure activated carbon filter cartridge
    • filter mesh: 0.40 µm; flow rate: 2 l/min (at 4 bar)
    • very high retention rates for heavy metals, pesticides, drug contaminations and chlorine
    • provides the highest protection against bacteria (see assessments)
  • Compatible to all 9 3/4" filter cartridges.
  • For hygienic reasons, we recommend replacement of the cartridges every 6 months (according to DIN 1988).
  • Do not miss any cartridge replacement, apply for our non-binding and free of charge filter subscription service.


  • The CITO-QC GFP filter unit can be installed at any standard water connection in the kitchen or in the bathroom.
  • The unit is to be permanently installed to the wall.
  • Dimensions without hoses (W x H x D): 17 x 38.5 x 14.5 cm3. With hoses 26.5 cm wide. CAUTION: Filter cartridge replacement requires a free space of 5 cm below the installed unit.
  • The assembly is delivered with an angle T-valve (3/8") and it is thus designed for separate water withdrawal.
  • TIP: When installing the ball valve directly at the angle valve tee, the filter unit plus hoses is only 23 cm wide.
  • Hoses and 3/8-inch fittings are enclosed in the set. As required, these can be extended.
  • Only to be used with cold water and must be protected against freezing.

Dimensions and other information on the Carbonit CITO-QC GFP filter

Type of connection: Under counter
H x B x T: 385 x 170 x 145 mm
Material: PP
Length of the filter cartridge: 248 mm | 9 3/4"
Filter mesh: 0,40 µm
Flow rate (at 4 bar): approx. 2 l/min
Adsorptive retention rate: Polar pesticides, medical residues, bacteria: > 99%
Adsorptive retention rate: Chlorine: > 99%
Adsorptive retention rate: Lead, Copper: > 93%
Blocks bacteria: Yes
Adsorptive retention capacity: 15,5 m3
Particle retention capacity: 12,5 m3
Max. useful life of the filter cartridge: 6 months
Suitable for low pressure boilers: Yes
Length of the connection hoses: approx. 800 mm
Connection: 3/8" union nut, Compression fitting (10 mm)

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

This Carbonit CITO-QC GFP set contains the following parts
  • one Carbonit CITO-QC basic module containing:
    • one CITO-QC device head with 3/8" connections and the Quick Connect filter cup
    • one plastic wall mount inlcuding screws to mount it on the device head
    • two device keys
  • one inlet hose kit containing:
    • one flexible hose (approx. 80 cm long with one straight and one 90° angled connection)
    • with an angle valve tee (3/8") on one side
    • and a stainless steel ball valve on the other side
  • one outlet hose kit containing:
    • one flexible hose (approx. 80 cm long with one straight and one 90° angled connection)
    • with a union nut (3/8") on one side
    • and one 90° compression fitting (10 mm) on the other side
  • one Carbonit GFP Premium-9 filter cartridge



Colour: Grey
: 2055 120QC-AN2
Material: Plastic PP

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Die Filterkartusche GFP Premium-9 im CITO-QC GFP ist unserer Erfahrung nach für die Wassersituation auf Lanzarote sehr gut geeignet.
Über Aqua Nobilis hat jetzt alles, trotz etwas langem Aufenthalt beim Zoll, gut geklappt.
Es fallen, nach Abzug der Mehrwertsteuer 6% IGIC + Zollgebühren an, also knapp 9%, etwa die Hälfte der MwSt. (Anmerkung der Redaktion: Lieferungen nach Lanzarote sind Mwst.-frei und werden deshalb lokal versteuert. Bei Lieferungen in andere EU-Länder wird die Mwst. automatisch von unserem Shop berechnet.)
Wir werden gerne weitere Lösungen der Firma in Anspruch nehmen.
Uneingeschränkte Empfehlung für alle, die sich von Plastikflaschen verabschieden möchten.

., 12.09.2018
5 from 5 top Ware

sehr schnelle Lieferung und top Ware

., 16.01.2019
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