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  • The CITO-QC is the further development of the confirmed VARIO-HP filter housing.
  • Filter replacement even simpler: Thanks to the QuickConnect (QC) bayonet coupling the filter-socket can be easily dismounted as a whole.
  • The head of the filter-assembly itself remains permanently attached to the wall, no hoses have to be touched.
  • The filer-socket can be opened and the filter cartridge can be replaced conveniently in the sink using the enclosed keys.
  • The filtration system can be connected easily to the water supply in any standard kitchen and is hidden elegantly under the counter.
  • Combines the filter performance of the proven NFP premium D-9 filter cartridge with vital nativeness:
    • Cartridge incorporated EM-ceramic: Water optimizing by downsizing of the cluster structures and reduction of the surface tension
    • Stainless steel sink tap Lisa: Stylish and high-quality
    • Aquawhirler at the sink tap exit: Vitalizing by turbulence

Compatible filter cartridges

  • Will be delivered with a EM Premium-D filter cartridge:
    • activated carbon filter cartridge with incorporated EM-ceramic
    • filter mesh: 0.70 m; flow rate: 3.8 l/min (at 4 bar)
    • high retention rates for heavy metals, pesticides, drug contaminations and chlorine
    • provides a very high protection against bacteria (see tabelle below)
  • Compatible to all 9 3/4" filter cartridges.
  • For hygienic reasons, we recommend replacement of the cartridges every 6 months (according to DIN 1988).
  • Do not miss any cartridge replacement, apply for our non-binding and free of charge filter subscription service.



  • The filter unit can be installed at any standard water connection in the kitchen or in the bathroom.
  • The unit is to be permanently installed to the wall.
  • Dimensions without hoses (W x H x D): 17 x 38.5 x 14.5 cm3. With hoses 26.5 cm wide. CAUTION: Filter cartridge replacement requires a free space of 5 cm below the installed unit.
  • The assembly is delivered with an angle T-valve (3/8") and it is thus designed for separate water withdrawal.
  • TIP: When installing the ball valve directly at the angle valve tee, the filter unit plus hoses is only 23 cm wide.
  • Hoses and 3/8-inch fittings are enclosed in the set. As required, these can be extended.
  • Only to be used with cold water and must be protected against freezing.

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

This Carbonit CITO-QC Vital set contains the following parts
  • one Carbonit CITO-QC basic module containing:
    • one CITO-QC device head with 3/8" connections and the Quick Connect filter cup
    • one plastic wall mount inlcuding screws to mount it on the device head
    • two device keys
  • one inlet hose kit containing:
    • one flexible hose (approx. 80 cm long with one straight and one 90 angled connection)
    • with an angle valve tee (3/8") on one side
    • and a stainless steel ball valve on the other side
  • one outlet hose kit containing:
    • one flexible hose (approx. 80 cm long with one straight and one 90 angled connection)
    • with a union nut (3/8") on one side
    • and one 90 compression fitting (10 mm) on the other side
  • one Carbonit EM Premium-D filter cartridge
  • one Prime Inventions Stainless steel sink tap Lisa
  • one Prime Invetions Aquawhirler



Type of connection: Under counter - separate withdrawl
Width: 17 cm
Height: 38.5 cm
Depth: 14.5 cm
Length of the filter cartridge: 248 mm (9 3/4")
Filter mesh (m): 0.70
Flow rate (l/min at 4 bar): 3.8
Adsorptive retention rate (Polar pesticides, medical residues, bacteria, ...): 84%
Adsorptive retention rate (Lead, Copper): 76%
Adsorptive retention capacity: 11 m
Adsorptive retention rate (Chlorine): 87%
Particle retention capacity: 12 m
Max. useful life of the filter cartridge: 6 months
Blocks bacteria: Yes
Contains: Activated carbon Effective Microorganisms Whirler
EM-effectiveness (in comparison to the EM Premium-5): 84%
EM-ratio: 5%
Material: PP
Length of the hoses: 80 cm
Connection: 3/8" union nut
Height of the outlet: 20.2 cm
Max. thickness of the countertop: 58 mm

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