Carbonit EM - with Effetive Microorganisms

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Carbonit EM filter cartridges

  • Pollution filtration and water refinement combined in one cartridge.
  • All cartridges of the EM-series are composed of an activated carbon mono-bloc®, with EM-ceramic ?backed? into it.
  • The EM-ceramic is among other things reducing the surface tension of the water as well as the size of cluster structures.
  • High retention rate for heavy metals, medical residues, chlorine and pesticides.
  • The variant EM Premium 5 also provides highest protection against bacteria.
  • The variant EM Aquawhirler additionally integrates a whirler unit.
  • Vitally important minerals, like magnesium and calcium, are not removed from the water.
  • The activated carbon mono-bloc (Monoblock®) material is based on coconut shell.
  • For more details, please refer to the respective variant.

Variantes of the EM filter cartridges

We keep four diffrents types of EM filter cartridges. The following table shall give you an overview of the benefits and characteristics of the different variants.

Filter mesh 0,45 µm 0,70 µm 0,15 µm 0,70 µm
Flow rate (at 4 bar) 2 l/min 3,5 l/min 7 l/min 3 l/min
Retention rate for pesticides, ...* 94 % 84 % 59 % 84 %
Retention rate for chlorine* 94 % 87 % 73 % 87 %
Retention rate for heavy metals* 86 % 76 % 53 % 76 %
Blocks bacteria Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adsorptive retention capacity 10 m3 11 m3 11 m3 11 m3
Particle retention capacity 10 m3 12 m3 5 m3 12 m3
EM-ratio 5 % 5 % 10 % 5 %
EM-effectiveness** 100 % 84 % 76 % 84 %

* The indicated retention rates refer to the nominal flow rate at 4 bar. If the actual pressure or the real flow rate is lower, the contact time between water and activated carbon gets longer. Because of this the real retention rates tend to be higher than stated.

** The EM-effectiveness is indicated %, where the EM Premium 5 has an effectiveness of 100%. It results from the contact time between water and filter medium. The faster the water passes by the EM ceramic the less the effects can work on the water.

Which one is the right one for me?

In case you are not sure as to which type of filter cartridge fits best to your needs, then contact us. We are there to help you and are pleased to provide personal advice.

Do not miss any cartridge replacement, apply for our non-binding and free of charge filter subscription service.



Diameter: 70 mm
Length of the filter cartridge: 248 mm (9 3/4")
Filter mesh (µm): 0.15 0.45 0.70 8
Adsorptive retention rate (Polar pesticides, medical residues, bacteria, ...): 59% 84% 94%
Flow rate (at 0,5 bar): 0.34 l/min 0.48 l/min 0.88 l/min
Flow rate (l/min at 4 bar): 2 3 3.5 7
Adsorptive retention rate (Lead, Copper): 53% 76% 86%
Adsorptive retention capacity: 10 m³ 11 m³
Adsorptive retention rate (Chlorine): 73% 87% 94%
Particle retention capacity: 5 m³ 10 m³ 12 m³
Max. useful life of the filter cartridge: 6 months
Blocks bacteria: Yes
Contains: Activated carbon Effective Microorganisms Membrane Whirler
EM-effectiveness (in comparison to the EM Premium-5): 76% 84% 100%
EM-ratio: 5% 10%

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5 from 5 Frisch schmeckendes Leitungswasser

Ich bin einfach nur begeistert. Ohne Filter schmeckte das Wasser immer metallisch und seltsam. Die Aquawhirl-Funktion frischt das Leitungswasser zusätzlich auf, wobei ich gestehen muss, dass dies mein erster Filter von Aqua Nobilis ist. Ich probiere sicherlich noch den ein oder anderen günstigeren Filter aus. Endlich kein Wasserflaschenschleppen mehr.

., 22.07.2019
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