Good reasons for a water filter by Aqua Nobilis

Better quality of life
I have more time left for the important things in life, because I have my water supply right at home and I do not need to bother with carrying deposit water bottles.

More pleasure
Be it coffee, tea, smoothie or for cooking there is always water involved! And MY water plays a key role in refining all of them. It pleases to me and my guests and it has no bad aftertaste.

Better safety
Coliform bacteria scandal? Chlorinated water? Out-dated water pipings? I do not need to care! I am safe and not affected by water contamination.

Better transparency
Compared to many other manufacturers and retailers I find here at one glance the exact data about the retention rates for the different contaminants and undesired substances. Scientifically verified filter systems give me a plus on safety and orientation.

Beneficial for your wallet
For a three person house-hold, investing in a water filter systems pays off after 4 months already. Test it for yourself!

Good for nature
My water is from the region and it has not travelled unnecessary distances. There is no need for energy wasting packing material and it is low-emission.

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